We offer reliable mode of transportation

We will transport anything from any part of the world to your door-step, from small boxes to large shipments. As we like to say: “We got it covered”. We have a completive service to any larger company. We can also transport loose material, dangerous material (including vaccine) or commodities, which we are sensitive

We make the communication Simple

We understand your need, and tailored your service to suit your desire. we will take care of any communication in international transportation. In addition that, we can offer legal advice at home and abroad too.

Attention to detail and maximum effort

We undertake with the maximum effort and attention possible. We check the times of loadings, unloadings, arrivals and departures from and to our customers thoroughly, whether at any time of the day or night.


Not only because of our attention to detail, but also we monitored with available technology, we have a perfect overview of the actual status and location of the cargo. Thus, we can guarantee unloading and loading tracking and offer JUST-IN-TIME deliveries.

Insurance and guarantee

We, as a company, are protected by professional indemnity insurance and so are our employees. We check our contractual carriers by internal audit and they are always properly insured too. Except for that, we are able to guarantee you the loading and unloading times and the highest quality of our services. Also we make available GOOD IN TRANSIT INSURED.

Local Solution, Global Practice

We approach every customer and account with prevailing solutions. We will recommend the best and most effective solution for the situation given, whether it’s transportation or other logistic services. Our Management team approach is applied when dealing with contractual documentation, price and payment terms.


We offer competitive budget and actual budget at the stage of planning without raising alarm during shipping. We provides options in case of unforeseen situations.

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